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Victor Alexander

(Interview continued from e-mail newsletter.)

Q. What have you done since HBS?
A. I’m working as an associate at KeyBanc Capital Markets. It’s the same job as prior to business school, just the next level up, so I now have analysts who can help me do the work. I’m working on a lot of great transactions, and am happy to be back working with the same people. I probably work about 70 hours / week, which is a healthy number of hours, since my friends in New York are working a lot more. Key is a great place—the people are smart, I learn a lot from them, and in particular they care about your career and your development and your family—all that happy stuff that makes a difference.

In my free time, I have a lot of fun. I bought a townhouse in Cleveland Heights and am dabbling in cooking a bit now—I really enjoy grilling. My roommate, Madison Mauze, an employee at Whole Health, is also from the HBS Class of 2006 and so we cook together, and socialize,. I also like golf, travel, and wine—all the expensive habits. I also love college football and am headed out to see the Buckeyes in the National Championship game on Jan 8th.

Q. Give me a three point plan for attracting more young professionals to NEO and keeping them here?
A. Wow—that’s a tough one. I think the key is we need to get the right businesses here and those businesses need to actively want to bring young people on board. Secondly, anything the area can do to create a more vibrant downtown and lakefront area is well worth it—we should use our lake like Chicago uses theirs. And lastly, we need to cut taxes—I say that especially as a Cleveland Heights resident. Those things together could help attract more young people.
Q. Which executive or leader in corporate America do you most admire?
A. Warren Buffett. When I was at HBS, about 40 of us went to Omaha to spend the day with Warren Buffett. I admire him because he knows who he is and more importantly who he isn’t, and he stays within his competencies. He doesn’t follow the crowd: he lives in Omaha, has his own convictions and believes in them, and holds out a high moral and ethical compass.

I also admire my father (FirstEnergy CEO, Anthony Alexander, PMD 1986) for what he’s done. He started at FirstEnergy in 1972, as an accountant, and came into his current leadership role there at a time of real turmoil for company on a lot of levels. He has worked hard to get the company through the tough times and growing again. He is also a mentor for me, because he is a smart, well reasoned individual and serves as a good sounding board and counsel. He has always been there for me at every step and he will continue to do so.

Q. What does the HBS Club of NEO do well? What could it do better?
A. I am too new to say what the club could do better. I think activities and events it holds are interesting for the most part. The club does a good job of programming and creating a nice way for people to stay in touch with one another.

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