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Tom Waltermire

(Interview continued from e-mail newsletter.)

Q. Did you have a plan to lead an organization from an early age?

Yes, I always envisioned myself, from the time I was a young boy, leading an enterprise. Growing up, I took on many leadership positions and while doing that envisioned myself leading a business. I will say that lot of people helped me reach this goal along the way. At BF Goodrich, John Ong, the CEO & Chairman during my career there, made sure that the company gave me a diverse background in a variety of functions. That blend of experience has been very beneficial, and I think of John as my mentor in that respect.

Q. You recently left PolyOne. What's next for you?

I have a love for this region and a great interest for technology. My goal is to create the right combination of those interests.

Q. What are your general interests and passions?
A. I believe it's important to contribute to the community, and my particular passion is the need for Northeast Ohio to recapture its traditional strengths through new technology. That's what led me to devote a lot of my time as Chairman of NorTech as well as on JumpStart's board. I've also worked very actively at the State of Ohio level supporting and helping to shape the Governor's Third Frontier Initiative.
Q. What's your favorite area sports team?

As former chairman of the board of Ohio State's worldwide alumni association, it's natural to say that Ohio State football is my number one pick.

Q. What do you think the HBS Club of Northeast Ohio does well?
  It broadens us. As business people, we unavoidably get too specialized in our own world. The broadening provided by the examples and experiences of the speakers, as well as the connections through networking, are both valuable and necessary.
Q. What's your favorite HBS-NEO event ever?

There have been a lot of them over the years. But, I'd give high marks to the Gingrich event this year. He's an out-of-the-box guy, and that came across in his talk.

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