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Owen Colligan

(Interview continued from e-mail newsletter.)

Q. You also received a JD from NYU Law School. Which degree do you use more?
A. I use both degrees equally. I do a lot of negotiating, where both business and legal background help. A legal background certainly helps for all the documentation that goes along with investing, as well.
Q. You are five years out will you be attending your reunion?

My reunion is this weekend. I'm boarding the plane for Boston right now. HBS was a great experience. I got to meet great people. I was a little older than average, because I had already got a law degree, but I'm happy I went.

Q. Why Northeast Ohio?
A. Two reasons: I had bought a business here, and my wife is from here and she was pregnant, and New York City—where we were living—is a tough place to live with kids.
Q. Any hobbies, activities, sports?

Work and family are my hobbies, activities and sports.

Q. For a while, your name, picture, and biographic information were the most visited parts of the HBS-NEO web site. Enlighten me.
A. I have no idea and no theories on that one.

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