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John Keane

(Interview continued from e-mail newsletter.)

Q. Are you using your HBS degree on the job?
A. Every day. I use the degree in trying to run the division and make it profitable. A lot of the HBS knowledge and learning I use is around strategic processes, because that's where I'm spending most of my time: strategic planning, direction and vision-setting.
Q. Are you involved in any hobbies or community organizations?
A. My hobbies are mostly around sports, whether that's golf, tennis, or coaching one of my ten-year-old daughter's teams. I'm not yet involved in any community organizations as I'm just starting to get my feet wet here.
Q. What do you like most about northeast Ohio?
A. It's home. I grew up here and went to Rocky River High School and then to MIT. My family has Cleveland in its roots. I love being back here to be able to hop up to NY State to go skiing with my family at Peek-n-Peak. And we love having access to Chautauqua in summers.
Q. Why did you join the club?
A. I wanted to get plugged in to what's going on around here. The Dave and Busters event is the first thing I went to. It was great. I walked in "cold turkey" to a bunch of strangers, and realized as I was singing the Brady Bunch theme song and doing the cha-cha-cha around the room that this really is a good way to break the ice and realize we're not all stuffy Harvard people.

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