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Meredith Hanrahan

(Interview continued from e-mail newsletter.)

Q. What were you doing before you moved here?
A. I was Vice President and General Manager for TerraLycos's Matchmaker international and domestic online dating brand. It included online dating for multiple markets, including Europe, Latin America, and the US. I lived in Boston.
Q. What has been the most surprising aspect of living and working in Northeast Ohio so far?
A. I was not aware of the extent of the cultural arts such as the symphony orchestra. The cultural richness of Cleveland in theater and arts is exciting to me. The fact that the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra is more renowned than the Boston Symphony Orchestra is new to me and really cool. Also, the housing prices – I mean, honestly – all I can say is "wow!" That's a very pleasant surprise.
Q. Any hobbies?
A. Uh, what's a hobby? I work all the time. I guess you could say that running, yoga, boating, and entrepreneurship are my hobbies. I'm pretty interested in trying to help pre-seed and seed-stage businesses get money so Northeast Ohio can compete with the East and West Coasts.
Q. Cleveland in January – give me your thoughts.
A. It snows every day. I just didn't know that. Every day, I wake up and say "Wow. It's snowing." Next day, I wake up: "Hey look, it's snowing." Next day: "OK, it's snowing again." It really never stops.
Q. Who's going to win the Superbowl on Sunday?
A. Oh, Patriots. No question. Go Tom Brady.
Q. Are you willing to put money on that?
A. Sure. Why not? You don't think the Cats are gonna win, do you? Come on now.

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